4th e-mail

Posted: September 10, 2011 in Canada Immigration

To make it feel more real, here is an e-mail again:



Canada Immigration Services
372 Rideau Street # 900
Ottawa, ON – K1N 1G7

Email ca.immigrabureau_dr@dr.com

Dear Visa applicant’s 

We have made the necessary verification & confirmation with the clarification given to us by  your employing hotel and also have gone through the interview form  sent to us for  the continuation of your immigration process which clarifies your working eligibility in Canada.

Canada immigration directorate office will like to inform you that before we  continue on your visa request application which will be successful issued at the Canadian embassy in that country after our official assessment and the release of your visa pin codes.

You need to provide to us the scan copies of the requested documents set out at the items below.

The documents must be scanned and send back through our office email for the processing of  all your immigration process.


                  Documents to be provided are as follows;-

(a)             Scan open front page and back view of your travelling passports

(b)      Certified copy of  birth certificate or driving licence

(c)             National identity card, Business or Students identity card

(d)            Two copies of your recent passport photos

(e)   Your complete  residential address and telephone numbers.

    All the required documents should be scan and send to us via our office email address for official assessment. For the immigration bureau directorate to continue on your process all the required information must be made available to our office.

If you are eligible after provision of requirements to our office the Canada Immigration Bureau office will process and approve your visa seal code and contact you back to write the labour work permit office for your work permit visa process before we can communicate to the Canadian embassy in your country and if our Canadian embassy is not in your country we shall send your on line visa  files to the Canadian embassy in charge of the visa applicants from your country in which you must go there at the invitation from the embassy  official .

After the procession of your immigration process, The Canada Immigration Bureau Directorate shall contact you via email and also inform you on how your visa files shall definitely  reach to the Canadian embassy in that country and the office of the Canadian embassy on behalf of the ambassador in charge shall  contact you by telephone for your visa appointment date which you need to appear at the embassy with your valid traveling passport.


Canada Immigration Bureau Directorate


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